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This pandemic year has taught us a lot, including that at-home dates can be just as fun as a night on the town! We have listed some of the best date nights that will hopefully bring a little bit of light to your life, no matter where you're at! Here are some ideas are sure to bring fun and a little romance:

Make Dinner Together

Not just the normal, "Hey honey, what do you want for dinner?" Take time to plan something you haven't made before! Make a grocery store trip together to get all the ingredients, or look at to find recipes for things you already have in your fridge. Everyone knows, the way to man's heart is through his stomach!

Best Movie Night Ever

Again, not just the normal movie date that happens when you don't know what else to do. Plan a movie that you both have been wanting to see, even if it's not on Netflix and you have to rent it. Surprise each other with your favorite movie treats, without forgetting the popcorn of course. Get comfy with your favorite pillows and blankets. Bonus points: hang a sheet and project a movie in the backyard! Double Bonus Points: Hang a sheet on the garage or side of the house with a projector for a drive-in movie!

Bring it On: Game Night

Game Night with just two people? Yes it's possible! Bring out the competitive and playful side of each other with some classic games. As much as we all love Go Fish, that is not the extent of all two player games. Speed, racing in Solitaire, Scrabble, and Monopoly are card/board games that can be played with two people. Old school games like Would You Rather or 20 Questions can make for a fun night as well! A good round of Mariokart always brings out a competitive side, but video games can be a great way to bond. If desperate, everyone loves a good round of iPhone 8ball.

Mix it Up: Redecorate!

Give a fresh look to your home! Whether it's a living room or a bedroom, change it up by moving around the furniture. If your creative spark hits, you might be running to Home Depot to grab some paint!

Paint Night

Bring out the paint and a canvas, it's time to channel your inner Bob Ross. It can be as simple as water colors and a coloring book, or you and your date might want to follow a painting tutorial. If all goes well, you could have a new piece of art to decorate your living room!

Hit the Gym: Living Room Edition

Plan a living room workout with your sweetheart! Do some YouTube and Pinterest research to find your favorite at-home workouts to get your blood flowing! Take turns giving each other a personal training session, or find a workout video you can do together. If possible, a light jog or walk is always therapeutic when the weather is good.


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