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Your wedding day is known as the most important day of your life. If you are like me and have a hard time deciding what to wear to important meeting at work, then the idea of finding a dress to wear for the biggest day of your life can seem a bit overwhelming! Your wedding dress has a lot of responsibility. It reflects your style, shows your personality, and highlights your gorgeous body. This guide is to not only help you on your quest for a dress, but to make the most of your wedding dress by finding the perfect style for your unique body shape. Remember, there is no better feeling than finding the dress of your dreams, getting your hair and makeup done, and knowing you look GOOD! Except for marrying your honey... that one is hard to beat!


Are you an Apple?

Apple shaped bodies have a larger bust and torso with thinner legs. If you find jeans to fit your waist, you are an apple!

What Looks Best on You

-“V” necklines

-Sweetheart necklines

-Empire waistlines

-Gowns with straps

It Would Be Best to Avoid…

Strapless and one-shoulder gowns


Are you a Pear?

Pear shaped bodies have petite upper bodies with wider hips and thighs. Pears fit their jeans to their hips, which often leaves gapping at the waist.

What Looks Best on You

-Detail around the neckline

-A skirt that lays on your hips, such as an A-line (if you want to de-emphasize your curves)

-A fitted skirt, such as a mermaid (if you want to accent your curves)

-Wide straps

-Cap sleeves

-Full skirts


Are you a Banana?

Banana shapes have a rectangular build with an athletic figure. Bananas also have very similar shoulder, waist, and hip measurements.

What Looks Best on You

-Accented waist lines (belts, bows, etc.)

-Fit and flares from the knee (to add volume to your hips)

-A-line skirts

-Empire cuts

-Scoop necklines

-Sweetheart necklines

-Beading (to draw more attention the top half)


It Would Be Best to Avoid…

Shapeless, straight dresses


Are you an Hourglass?

Hourglass figures have similar bust and hip measurements with a slim waist.

What Looks Best on You

If you want to show off those curves:

-Fit and flare



-Bias cut


-Cinching at the waist

If you don’t want to draw attention to your curves:



-Scoop necklines

Our consultants are experts and would love to help you find your dream dress. Make an appointment at Celebrate the Occasions today!


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