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The task of finding the perfect dress for the perfect day can seem a bit daunting. We are here to give you a head’s up on what to expect at your first dress appointment so you can walk out feeling like a million dollars.


If you have a wedding gown boutique near you, start there! It doesn’t hurt to look at one more store, and it will save so much time when it comes to fittings if you purchase local. If you are located in Southern Utah, start your dress search at Celebrate the Occasions in Cedar City!

SO…MANY…DRESSES… You may walk into the store and feel overwhelmed by all the white hanging on the racks- stay calm! There is only one way to find out what you like, and that is to try some on. Pull one or two dresses from a few of your favorite styles to start narrowing down the selection. Remember that a dress on the rack ALWAYS looks different once it is actually on.


Your dad, who is buying your dress, likes the ballgown, your best friend says you look best in the sweetheart neckline, but you love the lace mermaid. What do you do? You can’t push aside what everyone else says, or then why did you bring them? While the opinions of your closest family and friends matter greatly, they are not the ones who are wearing the dress. Be confident in your own thoughts and which dress makes you feel like a bride. Your family and friends will be on board when they see how happy you are in the dress you chose.


Buying a dress is a big purchase! You may have found multiple gowns that you can picture yourself getting married in. Don’t feel the pressure to commit if you don’t feel you are ready to. Go home, make yourself a quesadilla, and get a good night’s rest. Time will reveal what you want most when you can’t stop thinking about the dress you love!


No luck at your first dress appointment? No worries! Each dress store carries a different stock, so your perfect dress is definitely out there. Most stores are able to order in dresses. Ask your boutique to look at catalogs and see what options are available. Happy shopping!


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